Oily Waste Cans

HDPE Oily Waste Cans for Safe Disposal and Storage

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HDPE Oily Waste Cans for Safe Disposal and Storage

Eagle oily waste cans help contain soiled and soaked fabric and material. They offer fire-safe temporary storage of solvent, waste rags, shavings, and other materials subject to spontaneous combustion.

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Eagle's OSHA Compliant Oily Rag Container Features

The oily waste disposal cans are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction. The cans will not rust or dent and are resistant to most chemical compounds. They also feature seamless, leak-proof construction and self-closing lids with a foot lever and a flared base for added stability. The oily waste cans are available in red, yellow, or black. All of our oily waste disposal cans are FM approved and OSHA compliant.

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