Spill Containment

Spill Control & Safety Equipment

For nearly 30 years, Eagle Manufacturing has had the most flexible and comprehensive spill containment and storage product line available. As the market leader we have trusted Compliance Solutions to help keep your personnel and facilities protected. All of our products are 100 percent made in the USA, and are constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for excellent chemical resistance and maximum performance to meet EPA and SPCC compliance. This product line includes Budget Basins, Modular Platforms, Pallets, Sumps, IBC Containment Units, Outdoor Storage, Workstations and Spill Containment Boxes.

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Whether you need a spill containment tray or kit to assist in spill control, Eagle has a solution for you.

  • Spill Containment Pallets

    Eagle Spill Pallets are the most flexible and comprehensive spill protection, containment and storage products on the market today. Pallets are constructed of high density polyethylene (HDPE) for excellent chemical resistance and feature Eagle's patented removable black HDPE grating for easier cleaning.
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  • Berms

    Flexible Containment and Portable Containment Berms are an affordable solution for fast response to leaks and drips.
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  • Drain Covers and Leak Diverters

    Protect against unexpected leaks and spills with Eagle drain covers and leak diverters. Durable and chemically resistant, our drain covers create a barrier to help prevent liquids from reaching the drain. Use leak diverters to channel away liquids and minimize the risk of injuries, property damage and contamination due to drips and leaks.
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  • Oil Absorbent Pads

    Take care of spills and leaks with Eagle oil absorbent pads, blankets, hose wraps and drip pads. We offer a wide selection of products ideal for handling small leaks and spills as required by maintenance.
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  • Drum Storage and Products

    Various Eagle Accessories for the safe handling of drums such as : Drum Bogie, Spill Packs, Drum Tray, Drip Pans, Funnels, Drum Covers, and the Mobile Spill Control Platform
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  • Spill Tray, Drip Pan and Sump

    Use Eagle spill trays, drip pans and sumps to contain small workplace spills and leaks. HDPE spill trays provide an affordable solution to containing small spills of up to 5 gallons in the lab or underneath machinery. Drip pans catch up to 1 gallon of oils, coolants, water or other non-aggressive liquids. Spill containment sumps offer an economical containment solution for 275- and 550-gallon horizontal tanks.
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  • IBC Containment Pallet

    Eagle IBC Containment Units are constructed of with 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) with a choice of metal or poly platform.
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  • Spill Kit Box

    Eagle Spill Kit Boxes come in two sizes (110 and 220 gallon) in yellow of black HDPE. These Spill Kit Boxes work well for both routine maintenance and emergency spill response.
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  • Spill Containment Parts and Accessories

    Spill Containment Supply include items such as hose wraps, replacement pads, utility trays, and more!
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