Traffic Safety Equipment for Parking Lots and Garages

Our traffic safety store selection focuses on essential traffic safety items for parking lots, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Traffic control devices in these environments prevent costly damage to equipment and structures, and help keep workers alert and safe.

Parking Lot Safety Equipment

Parking lot safety should utilize parking stops, speed bumps, bollard posts, guidepost delineators and parking garage height clearance bars. Common traffic safety warehouse and manufacturing products are wall protectors and corner guards to prevent both equipment and structural damage and barricades to limit the follow of traffic to a certain area. These traffic safety supplies create the caution and visibility for moving traffic both outside and within facilities.

  • Parking Stops

    Eagle Parking Stops are designed with safety and durability in mind and eliminate the need for seasonal painting. Flexible enough to fit parking lot contours - the rugged HPDE Stops are weather and chemical resistant. Eagle offers four colors - the high-visibility yellow, blue for handicapped areas, and gray or black. Anchor kit included.
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  • Clearance Bars

    Clearance Bars provide an early warning for motorists, reducing structural and vehicle damage. The Clearance Bars are constructed of high-visibility yellow polyethylene and are available in 72" lengths in either 5" or 7" outside diameter.
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  • Cable Protector

    Speed Bump-Cable Protectors add safety to your facility. The high-visibility yellow bumps are engineered at the perfect angle. They also act as a dual channel cable protector, feature a non-skid surface, and are weather and chemical resistant. HPDE construction means you eliminate the need to continually paint bumps. Anchor kit included.
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  • Poly Guide-Post Delineators™

    Poly Guide-Post Delineators are lightweight, portable, and yieldable HDPE posts that are used to warn, guide and delineate. Feature 3"-wide reflective bands for increased visibility and are MUTCD compliant. Posts are mounted on a 10" sq. poly plate with anchor slots for permanent use or used with steel base for portable stability.
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  • Collapsible Barricades

    Collapsible Barricades features ergonomic handling that makes cordoning of work and safety zones easier and more protective. A revolutionary ball and detent design snaps the unit in place with a simple twist of the handle.
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